Wednesday, February 1, 2012

5 Minute Breakfast Sandwich

Prep time:

Cook time:
3 minute

Ingredients: (per serving)
1 English muffin
1 Tsp butter or coconut oil
Cheese slice (your preferred variety)
1 halve avocado diced and spooned out of skin

Step 1.
Prep your avocado, 
get out your slice of cheese, 
toast your English muffin in the toaster, 
and turn on the frying pan with your non stick agent butter or coconut oil to med-high heat.

Step 2.
Once oil and pan are warm cook your egg to your liking and place cheese over top of egg while still in pan and cover for 30 sec.
This makes the cheese gooey and melted!

Step 3.
Put your avocado on one half of the muffin,
then top with egg and cheese then place the other half of muffin on top and poof your five minute breakfast sandwich is complete!

These are easy to make a few at a time with a large skillet and a multi-slot toaster.

This is a quick and easy meal with really minimal cleanup. I like to make this on mornings I have to get up and go, but want something fast besides the typical cereal or bagel and cream cheese. This only takes a few minutes and is easily wrapped in foil and sent out the door on your fast paced mornings for the kids!


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