Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Veggie Spring Roll

This is a healthy meal that won't bite back!
Very lite but filing and so easy to make! 
Chad and I loved these...

 Chop up some of your favorite veggies that taste good together.
I chose:
avocado, carrot, some iceberg lettuce, and cucumber
some other things to include would be sprouts, cabbage, some rice noodles, or even some shrimp!
make sure everything is sliced well. *I grated everything except the avocado.

 Next you want to get your rice paper. These are easy to find in the isle that has 'Asian' food.
All you do is put hot to warm water into a pie tin and soak your rice paper carefully so to not crack the edges for 20-30 seconds. yes seconds... its that easy! 
make sure to keep your water warm and periodically change your water to keep it less starchy.
Once they have softened all the way, the lines should not be as visible and the paper should be slippery and flexible.

then place your rice paper onto a preparing plate and smooth out edges, then pile on your filling!

 Here is how to fold your spring roll perfectly:
1st. fold both sided in over your filling so that they won't fall out!

2nd. Fold in one side over your previous fold:
 3rd. roll tightly starting from the last fold so you have a tight spring roll.
after the rice paper is not as wet they will kinda stick together so be sure to leave a little room or put them on parchment paper if not eating immediately. 
These are that easy to make and they are easy to pack for a lunch. I served these with some Asian sweet and sour sauce that I had. Mmm... they are delicious!
you can dip them in peanut sauce, Italian dressing, or even in your favorite salad dressing...
these are easy and fun to do. let your family pick their favorite veggie medley and have it a self-serve or make your own spring roll... its an easy go to meal that is sure to keep you coming for more!

I hope you enjoy this! 
Happy eating!

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  1. This was very good! We should try baking them next time and see what happens...