Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Begin Your Days with Praise

There is just something about the morning that my body just does not like. I have the hardest time waking up!

I always said, "anyone else can get the worm this the morning, I'll sleep this one through"

I want to stay in the comfort of my warm blankets, and be lazy all day. I wish that was a way to glorify God, but really its a waste of my time. Yet, I still fight every morning to be happy to be up. (mind you this wares off after about an hour) But this morning I was convicted of this and realized that what I was doing was really affecting my whole morning by waking up without a thankful heart.

I had lost the wonder of God's power and love. 
There is that "Camp High" that you get sometimes and it just seems to last and last. This morning mine wore off.

That's not how I wanna live, from emotional experience to emotional experience... Knowing God is not about how I feel it's about fulfilling His will for my life, loving Him and serving him with all I have got, and knowing Him more because he is God! 
Sometimes I just get so stuck in routine and selfishness that I don't even think to thank God for my day until its over with. I want to thank him for the first breath of each morning, for the little things and the BIG things. The fact that he wakes me to another day, gives me a new morning, another chance to share the gospel, all those things and more should wake me up with JOY! 

When I found this verse it inspired and challenged me to wake up with joy and to seek his plan for my every footstep. 
listening to where He will show me to go. 

There is something beautiful about the fact that we have an unfailing morning. God is faithful and shows that in the fact that he sets and rises the sun the same each and every day. 
From now on I am going to "Let the morning bring me word of God's unfailing Love"

Have you been dragging your feet, or everything but joyful in the mornings like I have been? 
It's time to make a change! Make it with me!
Lets look at our mornings with inspiration, joy, peace and thankfulness. God is good.

Praying for blessings and Joy in your mornings to come,


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