Thursday, February 2, 2012

Green Smoothie Boost!

I don't know if your like me, but around noon, I am already tired some days and could easily take a nap!
My day doesn't allow that so I am going to Boost my energy!
There are so many health benefits to juicing as well. 
Some of which are: 
Increased energy, healthy liver,boosts immune system, increased cardiovascular system and heart health, it alkalized your system, helps improve your skin, hair and nail health... and so much more!
If I haven't convinced you look at the facts here.

Chad and I have juiced for about a year and I usually eat my breakfast in a liquid state!

This is my favorite juicing recipe because i love carrots, and cucumber is my favorite veggie to juice!
Some of my favorite scents are also cucumber and it tastes as fresh and tropical as it smells!
This is a simple way to quickly re-energize and also a way to fight that afternoon snack time with a healthy alternative (this is sure to fill you up)!

1 Cucumber
4 carrots
1 Fuji Apple
2/3 Cup Citrus juice (I used Guava)
1 Cup (Packed) Spinach

Appliances to use:
and food processor or Blender, 
No fear, if your don't have a Juicer,  just do it all in the blender!

This is what I started with:
Remember to wash your veggies even if they are organic
I use both a food processor (for the spinach) and my juicer for the rest!
 Put the spinach into the food processor or blender and lets chop it up as fine as possible

 Once its nice and chunky and it is getting stuck on the sides, go ahead and add your guava juice to blend it to a finer state.
 this is the finished blend (it will not be chunky to eat/drink) but it will not be smooth like juice either.
Don't be intimidated by the color it will taste great!

 Next remove all of the spinach and guava mixture to a larger 2 cup measuring glass 
and go to the juicer and juice the rest of it. 
If you are using a blender add ingredients in this order so that the natural juices will be used to help lubricate your blender:spinach juice,  cucumber, apple, carrot
Give it a good stir and drink up! 
This green smoothie is sweet, tangy and refreshing...
Give it a try and you the energy boost you'll get will have you hooked!


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