Monday, February 13, 2012

Papa RZ's Late Night Potato Skins

If you do not want to know just how bad these are for you... go NO FURTHER!
These are very tasty and super easy, 
and they are guaranteed to make your mouth water!

3 Potatoes (russet or yellow) 
1/2 cup cheese
sprinkle of bacon bits
sour cream, or ranch for dipping
Cook time:
oven baked: 35 minutes
Fried then broiled:  additional 25 minutes
(recipe originally calls for fryer) BUT I do not suggest owning those, they can be dangerous! 
next thing you know you will be frying anything and everything because frying makes almost ANYTHING taste SOOO Good!
The way that my dad made these sinful little potato skins is with a fryer (which is true to the Cask-n-Cleaver recipe) but I will modify the recipe for either type of preparation.

Step 1:
Oven Roasting:
cut in half and bake your potatoes for 30 minutes at 350 degrees Fahrenheit
Step 2:
once they are tender and done, 
make sure to scoop out the middles (not too much, the more meat the better flavor)
leaving a bowl like shape to your Potato for all the fix-in's!

Step 3:
if you have a fryer take your cooled and pre-baked potato skin scooped and fry it till its nice and crispy on edges like a french fry (don't over fry) put in fryer for 4 minutes at most!
Step 4:
sprinkle cheese then bacon, then little more cheese then scallops
and Broil for 2 minutes rotating the pan if necessary to avoid burning.

Step 5:
drop pan to bottom of oven and adjust temp to 450 
and bake 2 more minutes to get a gooey inside and out!

Step 6:
Take out of oven, plate and garnish with some sour cream or ranch and Enjoy!
The end result is a delicious appetizer, or late night snack that will make you pleased!

Thank you Dad for the recipe!

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