Monday, April 2, 2012

Paper Flowers Tutorial

These Flowers were really fun to make. and easy, but they do take about 5 minutes per flower... 
BUT look at them, they are totally worth it right! so cute... I love decorating with them... 

Here is what you will need: 
Glue gun (low setting preferred)and glue sticks, a book that you can tear the pages out of (or scrapbook paper), scissors, and skewers.

tear out a page from your book

using a pencil draw a continuing spiral (circle) on your page.
I found that starting with the outside and working my way in to the center was easiest 
cut out your circle from your on the lines that you drew all the way to the center.

make sure your glue gun is warmed and ready and start by rolling your furthest edge of your cut out tightly to create the center of your rose bud.

After you have rolled the paper a few times add a little dab of glue and keep rolling, be sure to add a little at a time so you dont see the glue when the bud is done.
Having a low setting glue gun comes in handy here because you don't have to worry about burning your fingers!  

as you work your way down the spiral repeating these last few steps of rolling and gluing turn the pages a bit under previous layer to make a petal appearance
At the end of your cut out glue it to the other side to close the hole that is made from gluing your flower and this is where the skewer will go. (the hole in this is from a skewer not from the cut out) 

This is what it should look like at the end!  

Now where you saw that hole in the picture above at the bottom of my bud, this is where you stick a skewer in your flower and walla it is done! A fun way to make a great bouquet is by making some with shorter skewers and others with longer so you can layer your flowers nicely...

These look great almost anywhere! And Im sure your guests will be impressed! Make these as gifts or just for your own home accessories! I would love to make a spring wreath out of these... (if I could only find the time do do a couple hundred of these) ha!
I hope that you have a fun time crafting like I did! And please let me know if I can help explain the steps to making these flowers any better... I hope that it made it clear enough for you to do at home!
Remember no flower is identical in nature and neither will any of yours that you make on paper! They are beautiful in variety.. have fun with it!
Janelle Dutcher 

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