Monday, April 23, 2012

"Don't Drop your Phone in the River!"

Soooo, Yesterday Chad and I and a couple of friends went on a walk after dinner at the house and we headed to the river. This was a good idea, except Chad brought his cell phone, (I phone 4) and had no pockets. Since he did not have pockets he did the 'I'll just stick it in my waistband' move. 
This was great worked like a charm as we dredge through shallow parts of the river to get to a place to throw some rocks, the first two times...

We were almost to this beautiful spot on the river, a little plateau of sorts in the middle of the rushing river, so beautiful! 
I am moving a little slower, of course :) and Chad lovingly, and kindly, turns around to give me support on the slippery rocks as my bare feet were begging for soft sand! Of course, on his last step he took in the water (literally a couple inches from the dry land) his phone slips into the water!!!
It turned this sweet moment and this great FREE trip to the river into a two hundred dollar swim! 
He grabbed his phone within seconds after it was submerged, and it had turned completely off! We both sighed and thought that was definitely the death of Mr I phone! 

I did my best to contain my disappointment, it is truly revealing when you react to something poorly and it takes all of you to not be mad! or to say I told you so! Man, I needed Jesus' strength to not be the rude fleshly person that I wanted to be :( I was humbled by this experience... I was just so sad... 
The beautiful river seemed like a beast now, sucking up everything in its path. I was sure I was going to fall in next and all I wanted to do was get out of the river and go home and get his phone fixed! Definitely had to pray about that afterward, belongings should not make me 'move' like that! 

Anyways, long story long, our friends told chad "put your phone immediately into rice at home." 
Dry rice:
Do not shake the water out or even remove the SIM card, or anything, just stick it into a bed of rice and let the rice drain out the water over night!
This is my phone, in attempt to reenact this for your benefit :)
 I thought this was too good to be true and would never work, but to my surprise only 6 hours later before we had even gone to sleep the phone was on again and was working fine! 
I went to check on the phone, expecting the rice to be all wet and sticky or something and found the phone shining its light and on! It was a miracle indeed.
We still left it on the rice overnight to try to pull out as much water as possible! 
I was sooooo happy! 

Yes, that is my handsome Grandpa (I miss him dearly)

With a little prayer and some rice your water drenched phone can be fixed again! 
I was so happy with the results and sine this is such an easy trick, I thought I would share it with y'all!
Next time just dont bring the phone with you... but if you do, and it drops in the water, this is what you should try to revive the cell phone! 

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