Friday, March 2, 2012

Chia Seed Milk Tea

OK so I have been making way too many decadent treats and not sharing some of my yummy foods that can save your waistline. 
This delicious Chia Seed Milk Tea is sooo easy, and it is a great way to give you energy, and curb your appetite, not to mention it tastes Awesome!
I love Bubble tea, that is a drink traditionally served with tapioca pearls and in Thai iced tea, coffee, or a fresh fruit smoothie. These typically have yogurt and lots of sugar! Tapioca pearls are not bad for you, but definitely do not have the health benefits of Chia seeds. This recipe will help you get that sweet craving satisfied as well as fill your stomach!

 You may be thinking... yuck, BUT this is seriously yummy...

Here are a few ways to use Chia seeds:
  •  Add chia seeds to your drinking water, milk, tea, coffee or any beverage that you have everyday. Make a wonderful smoothie or milkshake. After adding them to your drink, let the seeds soak for a while.
  • If you let the chia seeds soak for a longer time, say overnight, you will get a chia gel which you can store in an airtight container and eat later with a spoon. The gel will taste like your beverage. It is common way to eat chia seeds. Soak the seeds in water for about 10 minutes and see the seeds quickly absorb the water to turn into a gel and you can use this to make desserts.
  • Sprinkle chia on or into your food. Increase the nutritive value of any food by throwing in some Chia seeds. You can add the seeds to salads, soups, gravies, dips or sauces. Crumb your steaks and meats with Chia. Sprinkle them while you saut√© your veggies or toss them in your rice. Chia seeds do not have an overpowering taste and you won’t even know they are in your food.
  • You can eat the seeds raw as they are; they are crunchy and will prevent you from snacking because they have a high fiber content .The seeds are available at any store selling whole grains and nutritive foods.
  • You can use the flour in baking, while making biscuits, cookies or cakes, bread or any bakery item. The seeds are gluten free and add crunch. They do not affect the texture of your bakes goods.

I found this awesome table showing some of the health benefits of chia seeds that I think will help you make the switch from putting them on pottery to watch grow (cha-cha-cha- chia!) and eatting them raw, gelled, and putting them in baked goods!
to learn more about chia seeds click on this link:
I found this photo from the link above!

Ok Have I convinced you to use chia seeds, I hope so!
 I was grossed out at first when my sister-in-law was eating spoon fulls of these to keep from snacking... but now I have done it! haha... (so much for judging too soon!)
These are flavorless, and easy to incorporate into almost anything,
This tea is commonly served as a drink at Indian Dinner Parties. 
It was a nifty way of filling up their guests before the meal so that they did not have to eat as much.
(Don't share this with your guests at the party.. they might feel jipped!) hah because this really works! 

Here is the recipe for the Raw-ish Chia Seed milk Tea! 
This is what you will need:
1 cup almond milk, 
3/4 cup stevia, 
8 cup tea steeped and cooled,
and 1/2 cup chia seeds

I use loose leaf tea and this is my favorite black tea! I use only 2 tbs for 6 cups of tea!
Start by steeping your tea with your 3/4 cup stevia and letting it cool for a while. 
Sun tea, Chai, or Green tea would all work! Use your favorite!

While the tea is cooling a bit lets get our almond milk in our pitcher and the chia seeds into the milk to soak for at least 10 minutes!
This is what the chia seeds look like before.. like little black poppy seeds.
and after they have soaked they should look gooey and like tapioca pearls with a black center.

make sure to mix the seeds around or they will stick together and you won't be able to drink them out of a normal straw...
add 2 cups crushed ice to the milk

Once your tea is drinkable temp filter your tea into the milk and chia seeds. 
I use a loose leaf tea bag to filter the tea in my pot but if you used tea bags just remove the bags, and poour into your milk!
 Make sure you have no tea leaves floating around in your pitcher.
Since you had the ice cubes in there you have a great iced tea!
 Stir your tea and chia seeds and serve in a full glass of ice!

 Make sure to not forget the straw and enjoy!
This tea will last over night.
Drink a cup to have energy, fullness and its less calories than a typical snack, sweet, not to mention all the health benefits!

Try at your next dinner when trying to watch your portions, make sure to grab some chia and sprinkle it in your drinks (even water) when you are craving that unhealthy snack, or just to help get your fiber and other nutrients that this wonder food has to offer!
Don't be shy, give it a try...
Janelle Dutcher


  1. I might have to give this a try:-) Thanks for the info!

  2. Thanks Shannon! I learned about the indian tea from you right... After we had that convo I was inspired to find it...